About Us

IOS Partners was founded by several Direct Response veterans compelled to promote best practices, business ethics and ideal partnerships to support existing and emerging direct response advertisers.

Direct Response Marketing has the potential to make millionaires out of first time entrepreneur product developers. Conversely, unethical or inexperienced agencies and vendors have helped even “seasoned” marketers lose millions.

Before you spend a penny, a conversation with an IOS Partner may help you determine exactly who and what you need to improve your odds of success. Most consultations are free. An initial call helps us to understand how we can best help you. The IOS Partner most experienced in your business area will reach back to explore further.

If we refer you to one of our preferred partners ... we will receive a referral fee from that partner. Your costs associated with that partner are not increased one penny.

Some IOS clients need more help. From simple creative direction and copy writing to what amounts to an “outsourced” Chief Marketing Officer, we can provide that for an agreeable fee.


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